In addition to producing a completely recyclable final product, TEMSAN accepts the following as the basis of the environmental policy;

- Continuously improve our environmental performance in all our activities,

- Active usage of natural resources,

- To reduce and decompose wastes at the source, generated during our activities,

To meet our policy, we declare and commit ourselves that we will;

- Organize education activities to make our employees,  suppliers and subcontractors conscious of environmental protection,

- Keep under the control the possible effects on the environment  and minimize it by using proper technologies,

- Comply with the laws and regulations in order to prevent environmental pollution.





    SAVES MONEY Thanks to its lightness, the basement procedures are much easier, saves your money because of easy construction and increases the space (250 msq in 30 storeys.) 


    IS ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY The production process does not produce any waste products.IS EASY TO ASSEMBLE Time is money. With the dry construction method, it saves half of your time.


    FLEXIBLE APPLICATION Provides 50 - 100 years of life to the building, and 10-15 years to the  installations.  The purpose of use may vary, easy to assemble easy to renew. 


    IS DURABLE Steel is resistent to earthquakes, fire and corrosion.