Main purpose of donations and aids is to satisfy our social responsibilities, create a sense of corporate responsibility in our partners and employees, meet the social needs, benefit the public, and regulate the conditions of scholarships to be given to helpless successful students and the practice related to these scholarships.


Donations and aids may be provided with the approval of the Company Board of Directors, in accordance with the principles specified by the Capital Markets Board and in the Turkish Commercial Code, and within the scope of social responsibility. Compliance is grounded on with the mission, the vision, and the corporate social responsibility policies of TEMSAN Yapı ve Makina Endüstri A. Ş. for determination of the form and the amount of the donation, and the institution, organization or Nongovernmental Organization to be donated. Considering the sensitivity of the Company in this respect, no profit must be sought under any circumstances in the donations and aids to be provided.

Donations are provided within the scope of domestic or foreign natural disasters or of a global and social sense of responsibility. In addition, donations and aids are provided for organizations such as foundations, unions, etc. established to operate in a field related to that of the company. Donations and aids may be provided in two forms, being in cash or in kind.

Institutions are selected to be provided with donations and aids in consideration of the relevant regulations of the Ministry of Treasury and Finance. Donations and aids are avoided that might cause abandoning the principle of protecting the rights of shareholders of the Company.

Applications for scholarships to Temsan A. Ş. begin at the beginning of the academic year. Applications for scholarships are disregarded that have been determined not to have been made between the dates determined by TEMSAN Yapı ve Makina Endüstri A. Ş. or to lack certain documents or contain false information.

Students to be provided with a scholarship are determined by the management according to their features such as economic status, academic success, etc.

Records of every student who gets a scholarship are kept by the Directorate of Human Resources wholly and completely in a separate file for each student according to years.  It is re-evaluated based on academic success every year what the current scholar’s status is and whether they will be provided a scholarship the following year. Students failing a class or retaking a failed course stop getting their scholarship.

If deemed necessary, the Human Resources may request additional information and documents from scholars, their schools and parents.

Required Qualifications about Students to be provided with a Scholar

1. The candidate student is a T. R. citizen,

2. The candidate student’s family has difficulty in schooling him with their monthly income and standard of life, or he is orphan,

3. The candidate student is successful,

4. The candidate student has never committed an infamous crime, or been convicted of any crime,

5. The candidate student has never taken place in political, religious or other separatist activities targeting the unitary structure of the state of the Republic of Turkey, and

6. The candidate student does not get a scholarship from another organization, or he does, but it is insufficient.

End of Scholarship

1. At schools where a pass-fail grading system is implemented, scholarship of those who fail a class is ended.

2. When the scholar graduates, his scholarship is ended.

3. Applications for a scholarship by students with an ended scholarship are disregarded in the following years.

4. In the event that the information provided by the scholar is not correct, or he does not notify any related changes within 1 month, or he has been suspended temporarily or permanently from his school, or any situation of him is observed inside or outside the school that does not suitable for solemnity of a student, or it is found that he engages in political activities, then his scholarship is ended.

Informing of the General Assembly

Information about the amount of the donations and aids provided during a term is given in detail to shareholders as a separate agenda item at the Ordinary Meeting of the General Assembly of the relevant year.