The main purpose of the Training Policy is to make and implement in-company training plans in order to train, develop and efficiently employ personnel at all levels so that our personnel can keep up with these changes and developments in a world that is experiencing rapid change and development.


With the Training Policy of TEMSAN Yapı ve Makina Endüstri A.Ş., it is aimed to achieve the following developments in our company.

  • To minimize the losses on this subject by planning and implementing occupational health and safety trainings on the basis of the principle of human first;
  • To create a productive and talented workforce with on-the-job training method;
  • To develop and manage in-house training activities;
  • To provide necessary training to promoted employees in order to prepare them for their new responsibilities;
  • To carry out training activities in the most efficient way;
  • To update and increase the knowledge, skills and experience of employees;
  • To increase the level of job satisfaction and motivation;
  • To support the establishment of a constructive employee-workplace relationship;
  • To develop the management skills of the employees.

TEMSAN Yapı ve Makina Endüstri A.Ş. pays attention to the following issues in order to achieve the goals defined above.

  • To provide equal opportunity to its employees in benefiting from education;
  • The employees are actually working or will be working on the training they will receive;
  • Employees who will participate in the training have the qualifications specified in the training programs.

Depending on the goals and qualifications mentioned above, training needs analyzes are made at various intervals throughout the year, and an annual training plan is created.

We evaluate the trainings, seminars, congresses, conferences and forums requested by our employees in addition to the required trainings, and it is planned to participate in those deemed appropriate.

The trainings are planned in the below groups and Orientation Training is given to all our newly recruited employees.

• Personal Development Trainings

• Motivation Trainings

• Vocational Trainings

• Technical Trainings

• OHS Trainings