Purpose and Scope

Purpose of the Information Policy of TEMSAN YAPI VE MAKİNA ENDÜSTRİ A. Ş. is to provide, in accordance with the regulations being subject to, all stakeholders, who are the shareholders, investors, employees and customers with complete, fair, correct, timely, understandable, low-cost, active and transparent communication accessible under equal conditions. However, subject to these regulations, in the event that the Company announces so, may avoid informing the public of certain confidential information under the principles set out in the legislation where harm might be done to its legitimate interests and trade secrets.


Authority and Responsibility

The Information Policy of our Company is formed and implemented under the authority of the Board of the Directors. The Board of the Directors reserves its right to make amendments in this policy from time to time as per the relevant regulations. The Information Policy, and the amendments to be made in the policy are published on the Internet site of the Company following the approval of the Board of the Directors.


Methods and Means of Information

The methods and means of information used by our Company under this Policy are provided below.

  • The Company Internet site (www.temsan.com.tr),
  • Notices and announcements made by means of the Trade Registry Gazette,
  • Information and promotion documents prepared for customers,
  • Press releases conducted by means of written and visual media,
  • Notices and announcements made by means of the Trade Registry Gazette and daily newspapers,
  • Spokespersons (the Members of the Board of the Directors, the Director General, and the Deputy Directors General), and
  • Communication made by means of communication instruments such as teleconference, social media, telephone, e-mail, and fax.

General Assembly Meetings

The Company makes the announcements related to the General Assembly Meetings in accordance with the regulations been subject to and the Articles of Association. The announcement texts of the general assembly for the partners are announced on the Internet site, which makes it easy for the partners to have access to these documents. The Company ensures that the questions asked by the partners during the General Assembly meetings and not included among trade secrets are answered during the General Assembly. The questions not answered during the General Assembly meetings and not included among trade secrets are answered in accordance with this information policy and the relevant regulations.


Monitoring of the News and the Rumours about the Company, Appearing At the Media Organs or Internet Sites and the Principles of Related Statements

The Company monitors the news and the rumours appearing at the national or international media organs or the other communication channels. In case of presence of news or rumours with content different from the information previously announced for the public, it is declared whether these are correct or sufficient.

The Company is not obliged to make statements for the public about sufficiency and correctness of comments, analyses, evaluations and predictions made based on the publicly stated information by means of media organs and the other communication channels.


Measures Taken for Ensuring Confidentiality until Public Statement of Special Circumstances

The company authorities may not comment on or answer questions about the Company operations, financial performance or financial appearance, except for the information publicly stated on behalf of the Company.


Principles of Stating Evaluations about the Future

Evaluations about the plans and predictions of the Company having the characteristics of internal information about the future may be publicly stated. Evaluations about the future are based on reasonable assumptions and predictions, and in case of deviations due to unforeseeable risks and developments, where there is a significant difference between what was previously publicly stated and the actual circumstances, a public statement is made by mentioning the reasons for these differences.


The Director General is authorized by the Company Board of Directors to state the evaluations of the Company about the future.