TEMSAN INC, founded in 1972 under the name "TEMSAN Tanker, Elektrik ve Makina Sanayi", has been constantly renewing its scope together with its technology and contracting for many steel construction projects in TURKEY and abroad.

Within recent years, TEMSAN has been leading the application of steel framed composite buildings in the construction industry.

The fields of activities which have been contracted so far and those which TEMSAN is capable of, may be listed as follows:

-Industrial facilities, factory buildings, car parks, aircraft shelters, multi-purpose warehouses and hangars,

 -Multi-storey steel buildings,

 -Architectural steel structure applications,

 -Fuel storage tanks with fixed or floating ceilings of various capacities (1 m3 to 100,000 m3) conforming API 650 and BS 2654 standards,

 -Chemical treatment and process tanks,

 -Over-head cranes, harbor cranes, portal cranes and conveyor systems,

 -Steel bridges,

 -Large size sliding and hinged door systems, blast doors (factories, military aircraft shelters, etc.)

 -Stadium roofs, theme-park roofs, sports arenas and similar structures.


CNC cutting, drilling lines, automatic welded I-beam manufacturing line, CNC flame cutting, combined punching and shearing machines, the first ever installed automated shot-blasting, painting and drying line in Turkey.

In all fields of activities listed above, TEMSAN is delivering contracting services on turnkey basis